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  • Sqaure/Long slot/Continious slot/Round Hole Polyurethane screen-keyword:sqaure hole Polyurethane screen|round hole Polyurethane screen|continious slot hole Polyurethane screen|

    Tags:quarry screen|draining and rinsing Polyurethane screen|coal rinsing screen|wet sand draining screen|Polyurethane screen specifications|
  • Sqaure/Long slot/Continious slot/Round Hole Polyurethane screen

    Round/Sqaure/slot/Continious slot Hole Polyurethane screen

    Min order: 200 m2

    FOB Price: US$ 80--150

    Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Paypal

    Packing: wooden pallet (special packing can be customized)

    Delivery : 2 weeks (200 m2)

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