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  • The Feature of all Stainless steel Grade
    The feature of all stainless steel grade Included: AISI 304/304L/309/310/316/316L/317/321/330/347/410/430
  • the difference between chemical etching mesh and punching mesh
    WE always confused about the eching mesh and punching mesh here is the professinoal explaination about the diferrence between them.
  • MN 65 carbon steel vibrating mesh
    The ISO and GSG Vibrating screen factory 10 years Export trading experience. Trusted supplier of China
  • Vibrating Screen Profffessional Manufacturer

    The experienced manufacturer of vibrating screen

    Good in quality and reasonable in price.

  • stainless steel 316L 400 mesh cloth for Eloctronic cigarette using

    Stainless steel 316L grade wire mesh cloth can be used for filteration area.

    now it is widly used for petrolum and chemical industry, printing industry, laboratory, X-ray protection area.

    it is new area is the E-cigarette making industry.

  • goods Lead time
    The goods lead time will be delayed
  • metal drapery supplier
    the metal drapery can be used for curtain, room divider and other places
  • gutter guard mesh screen

    galvanized steel mesh screen


  • Professional description of crimped wire mesh
    We are crimped wire mesh suppliers from China . You could get a big discount if you buy it from us directly.
  • Good news. wire mesh screen sale
    products sale for spring festival !
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