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  • traped pigeon are dying to get rid of the wire mesh

    Pigeons have figured out how to get behind barriers meant to keep them from roosting in the rafters under a CP Rail overpass on Warden Ave., but some arent smart enough to find their way back to freedom.

    They end up trapped behind metal mesh attached to the underside of the overpass prisoners in a bird cage with no exit and eventually starve to death, their corpses visible from below.

    Its a tragedy for those who see pigeons not as a source of foul droppings but elegant creatures of flight, and reason enough for us to help them close the steel trap.

    An email from Rudy Brunell, whos been devoted to pigeons for 30 years, said the mesh has the opposite effect of preventing birds from perching on the iron beams under the bridge.

    It is letting in pigeons and they get trapped in there! said Brunell, adding that another bird lover, Evelyn Obermeier, has been pleading with CP, but apparently the management wont budge.

    Wire or steel mesh has long been used beneath bridges to prevent birds from roosting, usually above sidewalks, where they are known to drop wet bombs on hapless people.

    The underside of the overpass is completely covered with mesh; CP has obviously put some effort into deterring birds, even above the traffic lanes.

    As soon as we were beneath the bridge, on Warden, just south of Ellesmere Ave., we noticed a heavy layer of bird droppings along the sidewalk on the west side, a sure sign that the barrier isnt working.

    It is terrible to see the dead bodies,and its cruel to treat the pigeons like this ,we should find way to get them out .to make them free.

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