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  • mesh conveyor beltmesh conveyor belt

    Mesh conveyor belt have many kinds, such as flat flex conveyor belt, chain mesh conveyor belt, flat wir conveyor belt, balanced mesh conveyor belt,commound balanced conveyor belt etc. they are made from stainless steel or low carbon steel .

    Tags:wire mesh conveyor belt with chain|wire mesh conveyor belt with roller|
  • partition meshpartition mesh
    Partition mesh also named wire mesh partition, it is a kind of architectural mesh , usually it is as a decorative mesh on the wall or celings to decorate etcs.       It is a new decorative material in the modern construction industry and widely used as curtains in house, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, decoration in trade fair exhibition and retractable sun protection, etc
    Tags:decorative materials|morden decorative mesh|morden mesh partition|morden mesh curtain|
  • wall plaster meshwall plaster mesh
    wall plaster mesh are widly used in many plaster project,such as high-rise construction,civic building,workshop and so on .it has the features like stong adhensive force,crack risistance,shakproof ,etc.
    Tags:expanded corner bead|pvc corner bead|perforated corner bead|stop bead|thin coate angle mesh|
  • black wire meshblack wire mesh

    black wire mesh

    Materials:high quality low carbon steel wire.

    Weaving and characteristics: plain weaving or twill weaving ,it can be punch to various kind of wire mesh pieces for filtering.

    Uses: used for filter in rubber, plastic oil chemical industry grain etc trades.

    Tags:protective mesh|security mesh|food mesh|
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