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  • roofing nailsroofing nails-keyword:galvanized|umbrella nails|
    <strong>roofing nails are technically called clout nails or nails with a short shank and a wide flat head.
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  • common round nailcommon round nail-keyword:common nails|common round nail supplier|iron nail|
    common round nail is also called iron nail material:hot-ralled low carbon rod method:proceSSed by the nail making machine The specifications of the common round nails is said by length and nail diameter said. types of lengh can be divided into standard type and heavy type. Length from 10 to 200nlm, diameter is from 0.9 ~ 6.5 mm.
    Tags:roofing nail|stainless steel nail|copper nail|flooring cleat nail|
  • Stainless Steel Strip NailsStainless Steel Strip nails-keyword:s.s strip nails|strip nail|strip nails|

    Tags:s.s coil nail|common round nails|s.s screw|
  • Stainless Steel Coil NailsStainless Steel Coil nails-keyword:coil nail|s.s coil nail|
    specification: Size: 0.083" 0.09" 0.099" 0.113" 0.120" 0.131" 0.135" Diameter: 0.083" 0.09" 0.099" 0.113" 0.120" 0.131" 0.135" Length 1-1/4"~2" 1-1/4"~2-1/4" 1-3/4"~2-1/2" 2"~3" 2-3/8"~3-1/2"2-3/8"~3-1/2" 1-3/4"~3" Degree 15 Packing 225pcs/coil or 250pcs/coil Or 300pcs/coil 36CTN/Pallet. StainleSS Steel coil nails, With diamond point. Finish: Bright Shank: screw and Ring and Smooth Material: SS304 and SS316
    Tags:common round nail|tacka|stainless steel strip nail|Stainless Steel Hand Drive Nails|
  • upholstery tackupholstery tack-keyword:tacks|tack|stainless steel tack|

    Our tacks are of the highest quality and come in every size available.  The tacks are sold by the pound, with the largest size #18. Obviously the smaller the tack (the smaller the number), the more tacks per pound. While we've never counted how many tacks there are per pound, there are hundreds, especially in the smaller size

     Important note: Price is by the pound, so when purchasing, (from the shopping cart) type the number of pounds needed into the quantity box and click "Update Quanitites."

    Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 busineSS days.

    Tags:common round tack|Stainless Steel Strip Nails|Stainless Steel Coil Nails|
  • stainless steel finish nailstainless Steel finish nail-keyword:stainless steel nail|stainless steel finishing nail|s.s finish nail|
    stainleSS finish nail were uesed to fixed metal nets, barbed wire, structural frame ,etc.
    Tags:flooring cleat nail|common round nail|tacks|s.s strip nail|
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