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  • fiberglass insect screenfiberglass insect screen
    fiberglass insect screen is also called ¡°flame retardant screen¡± , made of monofilament fiberglass coated with PE . These screens resist the flame ,washable. Purpose£ºThis mesh will keep out flies, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and other insects but not midges£¬The mesh provides excellent light transmission and allows good air-flow.
    Tags:aluminum screen|stainless steel screen|galvanised screen|sunshade net|
  • filter cartridgefilter cartridge

    The filter cartridge

    Workmanship: the filter cartridge is made by several layers of stainless steel wire cloth then weldeing become

    filter cartridge is well used for sieving small particals and in food indusrial, plastic industrial,etc.

    The stainless steel wire mesh can be as follows:

    Plain weave mesh

    Twill weave mesh

    Dutch weave mesh

    Mesh count according to clients request

    Cartridge diameter can be customized

    Tags:filter cloth|filter screen|wire mesh filter|filter discs|
  • EMI/RMF shelding stainless steel meshEMI/RMF shelding stainless steel mesh

    The EMI/RMF shielding mesh

    Material: SUS 304/304N/316

    Weave pattern: Plain weave

    Feature: anti-corrosive, Single shielding, Durable and consistent.


    For Electronic Industry

    For Printing Industry

    For Filteration Industry

    Tags:ultra-thin mesh cloth|PCB printing mesh|
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  • stainless steel 316L 400 mesh cloth for Eloctronic cigarette using

    Stainless steel 316L grade wire mesh cloth can be used for filteration area.

    now it is widly used for petrolum and chemical industry, printing industry, laboratory, X-ray protection area.

    it is new area is the E-cigarette making industry.

  • Good news. wire mesh screen sale
    products sale for spring festival !
  • The technical parameters of SS430wire mesh
    SS430 wire is strong magnetic and without nickel ,it is soft ,and usually used to make the pot scourer or clean ball.
  • Welded wire mesh specification
    Welded wire mesh is widly used in building,security fence,green plant growing,decoration ,etc.
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