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  • copper wire mesh-best quality-Topnettingcopper wire mesh-best quality-Topnetting

    Copper wire mesh is make of copper wire

    Type:  brass wire mesh, phosphorous bronze wire mesh (PB wire mesh) red copper wire mesh

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  • welded reinforcing meshwelded reinforcing mesh

    Welded Reinforcing Mesh

    welded reinforcing mesh also called reiforcing steel,steel welded reinforcing mesh, is a reinforcing steel mesh product by resistance welding the crossings of vertical and horizontal steel reinforcing bars.

    steel reinforcing welded mesh is widely used in reinforced concrete structures of multi-storey and high buildings,airportrunways,highways,tunnels,concrete pipes,bridges,water conservancy dam foundation,piers,warehouses and sewage treatment tanks,etc.

    Tags:high building|brige|highway welded reinforcing mesh|
  • perforated metal mesh for office utilityperforated metal mesh for office utility
    perforated metal mesh can be designed to be used in office,such as chair,desk,file basket,etc.
    Tags:expanded metal mesh|galvanized perforated metal mesh|aluminum perforated metal|s.s perforated metal mesh|pvc coated perferated metal mesh|
  • crimped wire screencrimped wire screen
    Crimped wire screens include square and retangular wire mesh. Material:Our normal production is made of AISI 304-316-310-314-330 stainless steel and Ni-Cr alloys Specifications:can be made according to customers' need.
    Tags:welded wire mesh|perforated wire screen|
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