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  • metal drapery metal coil drapery  also named Metal mesh curtain , is one kinds of decorative wire mesh. It is made of super quality stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, cooper wire or other alloy materials. It is widely used as curtain, screens for dining hall, isolation in the hotels, ceiling decoration, etc.
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  • compound conveyor belt/decorative wire mesh

    Conveyor Belt can be copper made,stainless steel made

     it can be used for convey some goods,can be used for roast cookies,also can be used as prtition curtains,partition wall,etc.

  • Welded wire mesh fence panels in 12 guage
    The welded wire mesh fence are economical,durable,stable structure,uniform size,etc.
  • PVC welded wire mesh illustration
    The PVC welded wire mesh fence can be used as residential fence,school fence,garden fence,airport fnece,public facolity,etc.
  • The technical parameters of SS430wire mesh
    SS430 wire is strong magnetic and without nickel ,it is soft ,and usually used to make the pot scourer or clean ball.
  • A little girl was lock in welded wire mesh enclosured bed
    A little girl was encloured ,so what happened to her?
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