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  • Expanded Metal MeshExpanded Metal Mesh
    Material: high quality low carbon steel wire. stainless steel wire. Weaving and characteristics: link and weaving the weaving is simple, artistic and practical. Uses: It is extensively used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. Also can be used for breeding of animals.
    Tags:expanded metal lath|wire lath|wire mesh lath|s.s expanded metal mesh|aluminum expanded wire mesh|
  • knitted meshknitted mesh
    Knitted Wire Mesh is a metal wire or plastic strand knitted into a mesh structure in very much the same way as stockings or sweaters. It is in no way related to the woven metal materials familiar to us as fly screens.
    Tags:Nickel Wire Mesh|filter mesh|Black Wire Mesh|titanim wire mesh|
  • SUS 310S stainless steel wire mesh(high temperature resistent)SUS 310S stainless steel wire mesh(high temperature resistent)

    The SUS 310 stainless steel wire mesh

    Material: SUS 310s wire

    Weave Type: Plain weave/Dutch weave

    Mesh: 1 mesh ---200 mesh

    Feature: high temperature resistance,antioxidation,good creeping strength,etc.

    Application: for filtering,for Petrol and chemical industry,for metal conveyor belt (high temp resistance),etc.

    Tags:filter mesh|ss 304 wire nesh|
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  • stainless steel 316L 400 mesh cloth for Eloctronic cigarette using

    Stainless steel 316L grade wire mesh cloth can be used for filteration area.

    now it is widly used for petrolum and chemical industry, printing industry, laboratory, X-ray protection area.

    it is new area is the E-cigarette making industry.

  • Good news. wire mesh screen sale
    products sale for spring festival !
  • Metal Drapery detail introduction
    The metal drapery can be used as curtain wall,partition wall,hotel decoration,office building,theater,cinema,etc.
  • ring wire mesh
    ring wire mesh,the decorative metal mesh,interior decorative mesh,metal decorative mesh,partition metal mesh,ring metal mesh,metal ring mesh.
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